Exclusive Vacation Offers

Go somewhere you have never been. See something you have never seen. Try something you never have tried! It’s time to start planning your next travel adventure, and we are here to help you with that planning.

Many people think if they use a travel agent they will pay more. That is not true. We get all the same prices and perks as the corporations. These corporations are our partners. One of the differences is when you book it on your own, the corporation gets paid. When you go through a travel agent that owns their own business, the corporation pays us. Either way, you paying the same money. Do you want to help feed a large corporation or a small business?




We love what we do and we spend hours researching and looking for our clients best price for their vacation. We are also  your advocate if you get to your destination and something just isn’t right. So you are not spending your vacation time trying to get an issue fixed, we will do it for you. You go play and we’ll go to work.

Holiday’s are over. It’s time for “you” time. Let’s plan that get away! Call us and we’ll get to work finding a great vacation for you.

Shirley & Joe Cicero




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