Ski Trip to Winter Park, CO

Here it is Feb., and we finally have been able to take our 1st ski trip of the year! Which was good because we wanted to do a site visit of Winter Park Lodge and see if it would be a good place to recommend to clients. We were looking for a place that accepted pets and was half way decent. When we semi retired a year ago to have more time to play, it almost seems like we have less time! Snowfall in Colorado hasn’t been at it’s best the beginning of this season, but we’re ready…we’re booked and we’re going!

After the thick fog lifted the morning we were ready to go :-), we loaded the truck and the dogs and headed out. We booked a pet friendly hotel in Winter Park, CO. 3.5 hours from home base. As we pulled into the hotel (even as travel agents…we have a fear we booked a dump lol) the valet employees came out quickly. We left home base early because of the fog and expected snow, and we arrived a lot earlier then expected. I expected to get here and have them tell us to go find something to do for the next 4 hours. However, we were greeted with open arms, they upgraded our room to a mountain view and charged us 1 night instead of 3 for our dogs! Whoot whoot…so far so good…

We loaded our “stuff” on the 2 luggage carts (Joe saying under his breath at least 4 times…are we staying for a month?) and headed up to the room. Apprehension still hanging in the air since it IS a pet friendly hotel…We open our room door and peak in! Wow, nice size! Great View, clean and plenty of room for the kids to stretch out.

Fast forward to dinner time….Joe and I say goodbye to the four-legged kids and walk out the door. We get 10 feet and turn around to see our Lilly & Dixie following behind us. What in the world….Taking them back to the room Lilly showed us how she knew how to open the hotel room door! It’s has one of those lever handles that you just push down on and pull the door open. Well, Lilly knew just how to maneuver that, and she let herself out along with keeping the door open enough to have Dixie come with her!

Being 3.5 hours from home, it’s not like we could run home and pick up 1 of our 2 crates, so off to Murdocks we go to buy a crate! The $100 we saved thinking we were paying $50 dog-crateper night for the dogs at the hotel went to buying Lilly a bed for our ski day. It’s been awhile since she’s been in a crate, so hopefully tomorrow WILL be a ski day.

Lilly survived the crate. We survived the 1st day of skiing this year!

Now for my review on Winter Park Lodge. This hotel falls more into the budget hotel category compared to others on the mountain. The hotel rooms are a good size and they are very clean. If you are traveling with a pet you can feel comfortable your dogs will have enough room while you are out playing and will enjoy themselves looking out windows that go to the floor (as long as they don’t know how to open lever handles)! The staff is very friendly. There is a nice lodge area you can gather, sit and visit with family and friends. The restaurant “Moffat Station Restaurant”, like other hotel restaurants, are a little on the pricey side for what it is; however, it’s priced well compared to the other restaurants in the area.

We didn’t get a chance to use the pool and hot tub, but the area is very nice! Large pool with two large hot tubs. There is also a changing room and sauna. The exercise room is very small with only 4 pieces of equipment but after all, this is Colorado, get out and enjoy the weather!

Headed to Colorado with your pet? Call us and we would book you at this hotel. There is plenty to do in the area year around.  Even if you don’t have your pet with you the rooms on the fourth floor and higher are non pet rooms, and you can get an awesome view of the mountain.

Get out and go somewhere you never been! Call us!

Shirley & Joe Cicero


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