Why Use A Travel Agent When You Can Book Yourself?

# 1 – Personalized Service

  • No Charge For Our Vacation Services When Booking with us
  • We Work With You From Planning Stages Till You Get Home
  • Any type of getaway, vacation, destination wedding, honeymoon or group travel you can dream of

# 2 – Value

  • Access To Exclusive Deals
  • Buying Power Through World Trade Holdings
  • All Major Cruise lines & Many Top Suppliers i.e. Expedia, Apple and many others
  • Resulting In Low Prices, Upgrades, Discounting & More

# 3 – Customer Advocacy

  • Problem When Traveling, We Act As Your Advocate
  • You Enjoy Your Day While We Work On The Issue

# 4 – Internet Interpreters

  • We Understand Complex Travel Codes & Internet Jargon

# 5 – Expert Guidance

  • We Know How To Sort Through The Myriad Of Travel Information Available on The Web

If You Didn’t Have To Pay More, And Would Receive Personalized Service…Would You Give Your Money To A Large Corporation or A Small Business?

All We Ask – Is To Give Us A Try!



We are certified to help our clients with special needs.


Shirley & Joe Cicero

TEL: 970-221-0845



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