Our Story


Joe and I are committed to building long term client relationships with solutions that allow you to take the time off you need to recharge and find your freedom. We believe life goes by too fast and everyone needs to take some down time and relax and enjoy. Life has become fast paced and adds additional stress to life. It’s our mission to help you find your freedom, take some down time and visit somewhere in this world…even if it’s just for a week!


To invoke less stress in people’s lives, so they can enjoy work, and life.

Core Values

Healthy Living, Stress Free We understand the value of having to make a living and some of the stresses that come with it. We want you to take a step back, tell us where you would like to go, how you would like to vacation, and let us prepare your dream vacation. The only thing we want you to do is dust off your passport, pack your suitcase and show up!

Reliable and Compassionate Assistance

We know that the vacation time you have is precious time, and it is important to you. We want to help you make the most of that time. We will ask questions and listen to your dreams, so we can help you decide on a destination that will work for you.